Can a sophisticated platform cooperative help minimize exploitative working conditions in the gig economy, even during a pandemic?

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Copyright: Up & Go.

At first glance, Up & Go resembles any other housekeeping app: When a client requests a cleaning service in New York City, it only takes a few clicks, and a trained housekeeper like Maria Carmen Tapia will show up at the door with her scrubber, broom, and eco-sprays. For a $135 fee she will do a five-hour deep cleaning of a one-bedroom apartment, scrub the bathroom, polish the floors.

But under the surface, Up & Go operates differently than most gig economy platforms, and its structure serves the workers well now in the pandemic. 42-year-old Ms. Tapia is no underpaid worker eking out a meager living in an expensive city. She is the owner of her own enterprise. “When someone hires me, they get the boss herself!” …


Michaela Haas

Award-winning author, reporter & consultant. Author of Bouncing Forward, Crazy America, Dakini Power & Ghetto-Swinger.

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